Spring Tune Up

Spring Tune Up

Even though this picture was taken in the summer, it somehow makes me think Spring. I love Spring because I feel it is the season to really clean and purge. I have had many conversations with friends and family recently with stories of cleaning out their closets, kitchen cupboard, and garages to name a few. Many recycle unwanted items while others put things that are still in good shape out to the curb, secretly hoping someone else will see the discarded item as a treasure. It’s funny how we all see what is and isn’t a treasure differently.

When my mother n’ law moved from her house to an apartment my husband had a yard sale here at our house for the things she no longer needed. My husband is a very efficient man; He does not like to waste time on anything and the sooner the job is done and over with the better. I was not overly involved in the yard sale as he planned to have it on a Saturday and I was working. In between clients I would go out to see how things were going and would feel anxious at some of the things he was selling to the public; an antique picture and frame, pre-war ceramic vases in pristine condition, hand hooked art pieces, still have that one in my dining room. So as he was bringing items out, I was taking them back in. He wasn’t too pleased about it, but I convinced him we needed to keep some of these pieces that had family history and sentimental value . Where did I plan to put these things that we seemed ok without the week before? , he wanted to know! A few of the pieces did get used in our own house and other pieces I gave to other family members. The lesson for me was: you either have to let it go, or you have to be part of the project and willing to have a valid reason for keeping stuff! As good as it feels to purge sometimes you have to be rational about it all.

And while on the subject of purging; no time like the present to purge unwanted dead skin cells to reveal that lovely radiant skin beneath the tired, dull winter skin. Perk up your skin with a facial from Skin Deep Aesthetics.

This is a great service to have before any spring facial. Removed superficial hair and unwanted dead skin cells and no down time. Done in just 30 minutes. $60

Send a friend who has not had this service at Skin Deep Aesthetics and get your next Dermaplanning 1/2 price!

Spring Tune Up Facial
Get your skin back into shape for Spring. This Facial will remove unwanted dead skin cells and create youthful radiant skin just in time for spring.

This facial includes:
Customize exfoliant peel
extractions if necessary
Facial massage
Eye treatment
Serum to bring life back to your skin.
scalp massage
Reg: 150 Now 135

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