My beautiful mother

My beautiful mother

This is my beautiful mother.

This photo was taken a few years ago at my sister’s wedding. What you see in this photo is authentic; We both love each other’s company and always have lots to laugh about. What you don’t see is the mother that is responsible for the happy person I grew up to be.

Something my mother and I have in common is that we both are dainty and appear fragile, but nothing could be further from the truth. My mother was a “tough love ” kind of mother. With six children she had no time for foolishness or talk back. In her day a smack upside your child head when they were being sassy was very acceptable, and believe me I had my fair share of those smacks! Honestly it was more of a cuff than a smack, but none the less it was still effective! My mother is a strong woman and has had more than her fair share of adversities, but through it all she was very protective of her children. She taught me to be strong, and positive, she passed on her love of gardening and passion for learning spiritual growth and to be good person in the world.

My mother is one of my biggest blessing. I am so grateful to her for teaching me how to be polite, respectful of others, but most important how to be respectful to myself, laugh and not take life too serious!

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